About TAQOO Network

How do you advertise in TAQOO Network?expand_less

TAQOO is activated at 100+ most visited locations in Belgrade. Your TAQOO ad is displayed to the targeted audience on their mobile phone at the moment of connecting to the open “TAQOO” wireless network.

How is the TAQOO ad displayed?expand_less

TAQOO ad is displayed full screen on the audience mobile phone with 100% share of voice. TaqoO gives you exclusivity in communicating with the individual ad viewer.

Which target groups are available in the TAQOO Network?expand_less

TAQOO enables targeting according to demographic characteristics, as well as specific preferences and interests of the target groups.

About TAQOO Advertising

What is interactive mobile advertising?expand_less

TAQOO allows you to interact with an individual through mobile phones where your ad is displayed. TAQOO advertising and ad conversion is based on TRUEVIEW, a guaranteed ad show.

How do TAQOO ads look?expand_less

Depending on the needs and goals of the client, there are many advertising solutions. Advanced solutions enable data collection through interaction with the target audience. Also, we provide additional interaction and analytics around each ad with information about audience interest in your product or service. All TAQOO ads enable you to follow performance and results at anytime. Simply register, take a look available TAQOO ads, and create them right away.

Is it possible to publish multiple ads at once?expand_less

Yes, you can publish many ads.

Can clients perform a market research for their needs?expand_less

Yes, the client may create a survey and collect the desired data from the target audience through interaction with the individual. TAQOO survey is the fastest way to get direct feedback from desired audience.

Is TAQOO a mobile application? Is it a landing page?expand_less

No, it is not a mobile app or a landing page. TAQOO works on all smart devices without mobile app download. Unlike static landing pages, TAQOO ads are dynamic and targeted to audiences at physical locations and are not available online. The key difference is that TAQOO provides exact analytics at the level of the individual ad viewer and the activity recorded on the ad itself.

About the advertising process

How do you create and activate TAQOO ad?expand_less

Easily. Register to get your TAQOO account, so you may create, target, and publish the desired ad.

How long does it take to publish TAQOO ad?expand_less

After you submit your TAQOO ad, our team contacts you within the next 24 hours, and the ad is activated on the desired date.

Can ad content be adapted during the advertising period?expand_less

Yes, the content can be changed or adapted at any time. Publishing of the new ad happens within 24 hours.

Do you provide a design services for TAQOO ads?expand_less

Yes, with pleasure and upon client’s request. TAQOO web app enables you to design your ads, or we can help you.

About data and analytics

How do you track TAQOO ad results?expand_less

Ad results and analytics are monitored in TAQOO web app from the moment when your TAQOO ad is published.

What information can you collect?expand_less

In addition to the analytics we provide for different TAQOO ads, the clients may collect any data that is of value to them.

Do you have access to data after the ad expire?expand_less

Yes, the data is available permanently.