Taqoo advertising is smart choice.

Taqoo is the only outdoor network which enables you to display your ad to the targeted audience. You customize and publish the ad within a few minutes. Taqoo measures your targeted audience response to ensure your campaign success.

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Taqoo is different from other
advertising because you get:

Full display ad with 100% share of voice.
Guaranteed ad show to unique ad viewer.
Creative engagement of the individual viewer.
Placing relevant ads to desired target groups at selected locations.
Track ad performance results immediately.
Different advertising solutions for your needs.
Your ad in the TAQOO network is available 24/7.
Adapt and publish your ad in a few minutes.

Taqoo changes the game.

Taqoo is a unique web app for advertisers who want to be ahead of the competition and for those who understand the benefits of interactive mobile advertising.


Taqoo in numbers.

Taqoo network covers more than 100 most attractive locations in Belgrade. We started with city bus stops and urban areas. Current Taqoo network reach is 500,000+ visitors per month.

Taqoo - how? Very easy!

In advertising, as well as in life, the most important thing is to know what you want to achieve. The rest is easy. Publish your campaign in a few simple steps.

Cost overview.

Depending on the selected Taqoo ad style, you can check the cost in advance.

Contact us for any additional information. We are pleased to assist you in making your campaign successful.

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