We are Taqoo.

Things are changing fast every day. Life without the internet in modern world is almost unimaginable. Information comes from different sources, but we need to focus on what is reliable and relevant. Taqoo network enables you to communicate relevantly and effectively.

Taqoo is open, time unlimited, free wireless network, faster than any other, at more than 100 prominent locations in Belgrade.

To users, Taqoo network provides a superfast surfing and searching of their favorite content for free. After the first connection, Taqoo becomes favorite and inevitable part of everyday urban life.

To clients, Taqoo network provides innovative interactive mobile advertising at outdoor locations, with exact analysis of ad conversion and target audience interest in their offering.

TAQ LLC was founded by Alma Quattro and Tegetlab. We offer different kind of advertising at outdoor locations where you have the opportunity to show your Ad directly on the audience mobile phones.

We are located at New Belgrade. Visit us! Our doorbell with string always works.

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